1950s Dresses

1950s dresses will flatter most of ladies body types thanks to the feminine cut of this timeless style.  

1950s dress creates an hourglass silhouette or the classic A-Line style that has a fitted bodice being narrower at the top, and flared at the bottom of the skirt section. Retro Pencil dresses is also another timeless classic dress both of which will always be trending in the years to come.  

We have a great selection of vintage prom dresses which are ideal to wear at summer weddings, holidays and 1950's dance events.

Vintage prom gowns are a chic and feminine choice for any special occasion to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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1950s Dresses For Sale

Blair 50's Dress


Tartan Vintage Bow Dress

£19.99 Now £10

Candy Ann  Dress


Green Katnis Dress


Mint Eliza Dress 


Vintage Red Retro Dress

£34.99 SALE £25

Vintage Lavender 50s Dress


Blue Vintage 1950s Dress


Burgundy Vintage 1950s Dress


Banned Black/Gold 1950s Dress


Correna Dress


Simone Dress


Banned Flamingo Pencil Dress

£39.99 NOW £25

Dana Cat Dress 

 £44.99 Now £29.99

50s Red Velvet Flocked Seasonal Vintage Dress

Green Vintage 1950s Dress


Bernadette Snowflake 50's Dress


Amanda Dress


Charlotte Dress


Connie Dress


Beverly Vintage Polka Dot Dress


Eliza Dress


Go To Satin Bow Dress

Black Satin Dress


Red Satin Dress


Tropical Vintage Dress


Now £24.99 Petula Ivory Satin 50s Dress 

Ivory Satin Audrey 50s Dress


Billie Blush Dress


Kensington Dress

£42.99 NOW £25

Vintage Floral Prom Dress


Hanna Dress

£49.99 NOW £29.99

Kris Dress


Pineapple Dress


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