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Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress
Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress
Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress
Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress
Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress


Enter the Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress.

It's a Gatsby dress but not as we know it. :-)

You'll boldly go where no other woman has gone before.

This dress is dramatically styled in a space age design with a 1920s twist which makes this dress extra unique!

It boasts an eye-catching art-deco silver strip design, smothered in luxurious silver coloured sequins and with shimmering beads which compliments the light to bling with every move you make.

The sleeveless bodice allows you to adorn your arms and wrists with Art-Deco space age accessories and not to forget the high level of detail on the bodice and it's finished in a "v" neck style. 

At the bottom of the skirt this dress showcases a mesh design with criss-cross beading, which really sets it off in contrast to the rest of the dress which simply makes it out of this world!

This Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress comes in a mini dress style that falls above the knee and not only does it look fabulous, but it's also super flattering thanks to the knitted polyester stretch blend.

To the back of the dress it's just as impressive with a delightful space design with more sequins and silver foil like design, and it fastens to the rear with a central concealed zipper. 

So whether your looking to dance the moonwalk or do the charleston, then look no further with this perfect vintage space age 20s inspired party dress.

This delightful shimmy dress is a pleasure to wear and it'll get heads turning your way!

Set yourself apart from your friends with ease and demonstrate your own unique sense of style.

Team up with a pair of black shoes to complete the 1920s look and you'll wear this time and time again due to the sheer beauty of this garment.

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Great Gatsby Black Silver Space Dress

Style:       Fitted 20s Gatsby Space Dress

Details:      Sleeveless Mini Silver Foil Dress

Length:      26(Measured from Underarm to Hem)

Neckline:   Round

Material:    90% Polyester + 10% Stretch

Model Height: 5ft 8 Inches

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What Our Customers Say...

"So sparkly"

Fab item and so sparkly for my night out next month.

Review by, Lorraine, UK

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