St James Dover

We love St James Dover Shopping Centre but you can discover a lot more shops in Dover and one of these shops is us, VintageDolls.

We have a big range of one off unique women's clothing designed to stand you out from the crowd at very competitive prices.

Come and visit us at VintageDolls, we're formerly known as Panache Boutique at 114 High Street Dover CT16 1EG.

Easiest place to park is the Asda Supermarket Car Park (3 Hours Only), or you can park in a road called 'Pauls Place' (2 Hours Only) and it's a 1 minute walk from there - Both are only a 5 minute drive from St James or if you want to go for a leisurely stroll, it's about a 10 minute walk from St James Dover to us.

Whether you're just passing through Dover on a cruise, or making an overnight stop to the Travelodge Dover, come and see our big range of women's clothing and we're looking forward to seeing you all.

Below you'll see a little taste of what we stock but we have many other lines such as unique tops, skirts, dresses and much more.

Live, Love, Retro Fashion

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