Inexpensive Prom Dresses

Is there such a thing as inexpensive prom dresses and where is the best place to get them?

We're going to help you discover the best inexpensive prom dresses online at a snip of the price, without sacrificing on quality and style to bring you the best value of prom dresses for 2015.

We've been stocking prom dresses at our sister store at Panache Boutique in Dover UK, for 30 years, so we know all the tips and secrets in buying an affordable prom dress.

Whether you're living in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world, the secrets to finding cheap prom dresses are the same, and just take a look at our dress tips below and click on the links which will help you visualise our points.

Great Tips To Find Inexpensive Prom Dresses

Tips On Buying Inexpensive Prom Dresses
  1. Give yourself extra time and be unique and creative, as a less-than-perfect dress can always be adjusted or embellished which can give a plain dress an added dose of glamour! Think layers of sparkly necklaces or a handful of trending brooches and jewelled belts.
  2. Timeless dress shapes such as vintage inspired prom dresses as worn by iconic women to name a few such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly are always on trend and never go out of fashion. Also, these vintage re-pro styles can be very competitive in price and moreover, they give a unique twist to your look and go for lavish fabrics such as satin, silk, taffeta, velvet and sequins.
  3. Try not to get too bogged down if you can't find your dress size because if you can find a cheap prom dress for under 50 pounds, then you most likely have enough money left over to make any adjustments and have it tailored if it is too long or too big.
  4. Looking for old season stock in advance of your prom is not always a bad thing, as a beautiful dress will always be a beautiful dress. Go for classic lines and shapes which have been around for the last couple of years, and avoid super trendy styles that is on its way out as these will be as fashionable as wearing a bin bag to your prom!
  5. Consider the right colours for your prom so for example, if your prom is in the spring, then shopping at the Christmas sales would be the wrong time to get a bargain as most of the colours will be darker and prints will be too! It's best to think ahead and shop for a cheap prom dress at the summer sales, where there will be lots more choice for the right colours to wear for your spring prom! It works the other way around if your prom is in winter, so shop a year in advance to get your affordable prom dress.  
  6. Inexpensive plus size prom dresses can also be found in the same way and we have a page dedicated for cheap plus size prom dresses for you to view. It's essential to buy the right prom dress for your shape so if you know your body shape already then great, but if you're not sure then don't worry, as we have a helpful body shape page which will show you which dress is best for your body shape.    

Inexpensive Prom Dresses For Sale

To make it nice and easy for you, we've got some links below which cater for all budgets so if you're looking for prom dresses under £200, prom dresses under £100, prom dresses under £150 or even cheap prom dresses under £50 then we have all of this to offer.

Before you decide on your style of dress it's really important to find a prom dress that suits your body shape. A flattering dress as well as choosing the right colour are also important. But other things such as brand, price etc shouldn't factor so much in your purchase decision.

Cheap Prom Dresses Under £50

Prom Dresses Under £100

Prom Dresses Under £200

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Prom Dresses UK has the best prices and we stock a beautiful collection of dresses online in many different colours.

Start by discovering our exquisite range of cheap prom dresses for that perfect prom or party for under £50 at PDUK. With many prom and family celebration dresses under £50, we feel that you can easily find a cheap dress for your special occasion. 

If you're looking for inexpensive prom dresses under a £100, then you can find many discounted designer evening gowns and it's not necessary to sacrifice style for your evening dress. We specialise in offering inexpensive prom dresses here at PDUK so you will be able to save enough money to buy all the required accessories to finish off your pretty prom dress.

Prom dresses under £200 can easily be found on our prom dress site for those of you looking for elegant evening gowns and still stay within your price budget to find that dream dress. 

You will find short formal dresses for prom, bridesmaid formal dresses, and homecoming dresses in strapless, halter top, or the trendy one shoulder designs. There are colorful long formal dresses with floral prints or glamorous celebrity inspired dresses with sequins and dramatic trains.  You'll find designer dresses that are classy and well made to help you look your best at your prom, pageant, wedding or formal occasion.

Don't forget that we have a retail store where you all welcome to try before you buy at our shop in Dover, Kent in association with Panache Boutique of Dover. 

We hope you have found the info on this page useful and we recommend to view our customers reviews and feedback on each of our dresses.

Feel free to ask questions or comment directly on our dress pages and for those of you who have already received our dresses, we would love you to post your feedback to our pages.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

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