Chi Chi Mary Dress Reviews

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Chi Chi Mary Dress Reviews
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What Customers Say...

1) "Thank you so much"

No problems - thanks.

Review by Carla, Leicestershire, UK- 16th Nov, 2014

2) Great!

Excellent, fast delivery

Review by Kalesha, Renfrewshire, UK - 24th Nov, 2014

3) "Lovely sparkly dress!

"I was a little sceptical about buying this dress but it's beautiful! Love it!

Review by Robyn H, Huddersfield, UK - 30th Nov, 2014

4) "Fab!"

10 out of 10 / Thank You. A+

Review by Richard H, Southampton, UK - 1st Dec, 2014

5) "This looks so cute on"

Fantastic little dress which has a gorgeous sequins which sparkle in the light! Would defo recommend!"

Review by Tracy H, Maidstone, UK - 4th Dec, 2014

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6) " Really good quality, and great to wear at my Xmas Party"

I'm going to be wearing this dress to my work's Xmas party and can't wait to wear it. :-) "

Review by Saskia, Northumberland, UK - 7th Dec, 2014

7) "Thank you"

Item was returned. Ordered wrong size. Refunded no problem. Thanks. A+++

Review by Ross DWest Glamorgan , UK - 10th Dec, 2014

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