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 Dress Reviews and Ratings - Browse By Dress Brands

Read reviews of prom dresses from labels such as Alyce Paris, Amy Childs Collection, Banned Vintage Clothing, Chi Chi Clothing, Jawbreaker, PDUK Collection, TFNC Collection, Voodoo Vixen Dresses and many more. See customer reviews and how they rate them.

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Chi Chi Reviews

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Amy Childs Reviews

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Banned Clothing Reviews

(16 Reviews)

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Voodoo Vixen Reviews

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Jawbreaker Reviews

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PDUK Reviews

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TFNC Reviews

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 Reviews and Ratings - Browse By Dress Styles

Read reviews of dresses from many different styles such as wedding, maxi, sleeveless and many more to be added shortly. See customer reviews and how they rate them.

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Read Maxi Dress Reviews...
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Wedding Reviews

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Maxi Reviews

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Sleeveless Reviews

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Most Reviewed Dresses

Gold Backless Dress

(10 Reviews)

Absolutely thrilled...

Chi Chi Liliana Dress 

(1 Reviews)

Chi Chi Felicity Dress 

(1 Reviews)

Chi Chi Tiana Dress 

(2 Reviews)

Chi Chi Kelsey Dress 

(1 Reviews)

No problems - thanks.

Happy with purchase and...

Really love this chi chi...

Fab dress and planning...

Chi Chi Mary Dress 

(4 Reviews)

I was a little sceptical about buying this dress but...

Amy Childs Vogue Dress

(2 Reviews)

Great seller, timely postage and...

Banned Flamingo Dress 

(3 Reviews)

Received thanks, great price...

Red Backless Dress

(10 Reviews)

Item arrived as described, very happy...

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