Lollipop Body Shape

Lollipop body shape

If you've got a lollipop body shape, then you are typically blessed with an ample bust, a slight waist which flows to slim hips and long legs making you one lucky girl.

This body shape is also commonly known as the " Inverted Triangle"

Discover the key shapes to fit and flatter your figure and the must-have key dresses you won't be able to live without. This is the top place to read tips on how to dress for your shape and uncover fashion style secrets for your figure with our helpful advice, and shop the best dresses for a lollipop shape.

Top Dress Tips For A Lollipop Body Shape

  • Best dresses for a lollipop shape are Capped Sleeved Vintage 1950's Prom Dresses which broaden your shoulders and typically hug you in at the torso to elongate and enhance your waist providing a sexy curve to your upper body, whilst the hemline kicks out away from the knee to balance out your figure and create a sexy silhouette to die for. Peplum dresses are also another flattering dress to wear to enhance curves.
  • Wide and deep cut V-Neckline Maxi dresses with sleeves are great to wear, as they show off your long legs and broaden your shoulders whilst helping to reduce your ample bust.
  • Also go for soft drapey type materials which cinch you in below the bustline, such as jersey chiffon or lace, as your body can pull off wonders with these fabrics
  • If you want to know more about the lollipop body type, then click here to read Body shape calculator's take on the lollipop shape to give you a deeper understanding.

Dresses For A Lollipop Body Shape

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Celebrity Lollipops To Inspire You...

Angelina Jolie

The actress is a classic Lollipop and she models a flattering deep V-Neckline dress which supports her chest, ensuring that our eyes are fixed firmly above her waistline.

This clever dress aims to give her a sexy hourglass silhouette figure by lengthening her waist to create curves, whilst the length shows off her long, slim legs with a slight flick to the hemline of the skirt to balance her proportions.

Other celebrity Lollipop's include Megan Fox and Uma Thurman.

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