Skittle Body Shape

If you've got a skittle body shape, then you are typically blessed with a fairly slim top half which widens dramatically to fuller thighs. Discover the key shapes to fit and flatter your figure and the must-have key dresses you won't be able to live without. This is the top place to read tips on how to dress for your shape and uncover fashion style secrets for your figure with our helpful advice, and shop the best dresses for a skittle shape.

Top Dress Tips For A Skittle Body Shape

  • Best dresses for a skittle shape is a fitted top half with a skinny belt or a flattering elasticated mid-band, to show off your tiny waist and you want something that will skim over the hips.
  • Look for a dress with an A-line skirt that drapes outwards, drawing a subtle mask over the width of the thighs.
  • Wear a wide-cut neckline to broaden the upper body whenever possible, so that it appears balanced with the bottom to streamline your look.
  • If you want to know more about the skittle shape, then click here to read Body shape calculator's take on the skittle shape to give you a deeper understanding.
  • If you're asking what should dresses can I wear for my skittle shape then take a look at the styles we've assembled for you below.

Dresses For A Skittle Shape

Burgundy Jewel Halter Dress

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Chi Chi Ella Midi Prom Dress


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Gold Fishtail Backless Dress


Red Fishtail Backless Dress


Berry One Shoulder Dress


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zPink Spring Skater Prom Dress

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Floral Lace Dress


Banned Flamingo Pencil Dress

£39.99 NOW £25

Banned Tartan Midi Dress


Banned Purple Midi Retro Dress


Chi Chi Kelsey Dress


Chi Chi Tiana Lace Prom Dress


Amy Childs Blue Vogue Dress


NOW £40

Go To Red Satin Prom Dress
Go To Black Satin Prom Dress

Red Satin Dress


Black Satin Dress


Chi Chi Elsa Dress


Celebrity Skittles To Inspire You...

Halle Berry 

Look what Halle Berry has done. She's donned a dress that does everything to enhance her slim waist and torso.

A gorgeous diamond-shaped neckline broadens her appearance of her chest, whilst the A-Line Skirt drapes her thighs which softens her curvaceous bottom half perfectly.

If you have fuller thighs, choose a dress with a longer hemline that reaches the knee or below.

Other celebrity Skittles include Meryl Streep and Sharon Osbourne.

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