Body Shapes Women 

Body Shapes Women, and Women's Body Shapes are often typed in search engines because women really want to know what body type they are.

Celebrate your body with us in our special Love Your Shape Page, championing your real bodies!

You'll find expert styling tips for every figure and the new season buys that'll dress your silhouette to perfection. Here's to you!

To make it easier for you we have listed the main physical characteristics for each body shape to help identify which type of body shapes women are.

Try not to rule yourself out from a shape because you don't think that many of the listed characteristics applies to you. Consider your overall silhouette and shape.

If you know your body shape very well then fabulous, but those who are unsure then we have a helpful body shape chart which will assist you in making the correct choice for your dream dress!

If you are uncertain you might like to take a photograph of yourself in a leotard, and place your silhouette over the shapes in our body shape categories until you find the right one.

If you are still finding it difficult to pigeonhole yourself, it will help to get some friends over and turn the process into a party. Your friends will be able to look at you more objectively than you can yourself.  

Dress your way to a better body by flaunting the parts you love ( and play down those you don't ) in our Exquisite Dress Collection carefully selected to work for your shape. 

If you want to learn more about the 12 types of women's body shapes then click here to view Bodyshape calculators take.

So slip on your stilettos, your journey to finding the right dress starts right here, right now!

 Body Shapes Women Type - Which one are you?

The Body Shape Chart information below is the result of thirty years of assessing and dressing women that visited our Shop Boutique, who have come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and realising quite simply that shape is the single most important factor in influencing how you dress.

The categories below cover the most common blends of the female form.

Ninety-nine percent of women fall into one ( or possibly two ) of these categories.

Take a look at our chart below for an overview of the twelve shapes. Once you have established the one which best describes you, take a look at the body shape icon to read the defining features of your shape. If you feel that your body shape falls between two silhouettes, then take a look at both.

Click on the body shape icons for more tips tailored to you.

Skittle Body Shape
Vase Body Shape
Pear Body Shape
Hour Glass Body Shape
Goblet Body Shape
Brick Body Shape
Cello Body Shape
Lollipop Body Shape
Column Body Shape
Cornet Body Shape
Bell Body Shape
Apple Body Shape

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